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 Promotional Donations for Battle Dungeon

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fronter brain

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PostSubject: Promotional Donations for Battle Dungeon   Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:29 pm

We are making a new Battle Station, the Battle Dungeon, but we need some generous donations for this to start! We need 17 NFE pokemon with some requirements:

- IV breed decently
- Good nature
- EV trained
- Good moveset

*If someone who knows how to SAV, this is a huge advantage for us!*

Here are the NFEs we are looking for:

Venonat- Still need
Poochyena- Still need
Dratini- Still need
Mareep- Still need
Rioulu- Still need
Growlithe- Still need
Doduo- Still need
Shuppet- Still need
Cherubi- Still need
Cubone- Still need
Snorunt- Still need
Togepi- Still need
Gulpin- Still need
Ralts- Still need
Larvitar- Still need
Aron- Still need
Psyduck- Still need

If you donate at least one, you will get a special advantage in the Battle Frontier the non-donaters will not get! Also, a side note, the recruiters for the Battle Frontier love to choose people who help others in need! (HINT HINT!).

Just post what pokemon you are donating, and send it to MROHKO, the Battle Dungeon Master!
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officially awesome

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PostSubject: Re: Promotional Donations for Battle Dungeon   Fri Dec 03, 2010 7:32 pm

If I get wi-fi I can do it.
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Promotional Donations for Battle Dungeon
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